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Discover FORTS - The Fold-Out Portable Shelter

Disaster strikes. Portable Shelters are required for all involved. It’s time to call-in FORTS Portable Shelter.

Portable shelters are continually being sought in times of disaster to aid all who are affected, whether it be technicians and medical support, or refugees. However, few companies can rise to the task of supplying ample comfort and security to those in need and because of that, FORTS stands alone.

In these times of emergency, time and efficiency is key to returning the people back to safety. FORTS is peerless when it comes to delivering in a timely and apt manner and providing portable shelter to people who need it most. FORTS are compact and collapsible, which allows it to be transported by most vehicles. When they are done being transported, they are able to be set up in record times with little to no difficulty.

FORTS Portable Shelters Deliver More Than a Temporary Solution

However, portable shelters are not only about being delivered in a timely manner. FORTS offers comfort via insulation and air-conditioning for every unit delivered - a feat competitors cannot accomplish. Aside from that, it is possible to change the accommodations format of the shelter to fit multiple people. Altering the layout of your FORTS portable shelter allows you to drastically create different environments within a single setting.

FORTS has designed it's Portable Emergency Shelter with victims in-mind to restore a home environment that instills a feeling of safety and warmth in an emergency situation. Storing up to six people in a single unit, the whole family can remain together through the crisis. FORTS provides power outlets, fully-charged, so that the family will never have to be unconnected.

FORTS Portable Shelters Ideal for Disaster Relief

Government agencies take up to a week setting up Emergency Operations centers. FORTS Mobile Emergency Ops Centers are deployable in ten minutes flat upon arrival. Then, the interior provides the workers with a comfortable environment to aid them through the disaster. The interior was designed by FORTS to be as safe as possible by being developed as a formaldehyde-free environment.

In emergency situations, communication is key. If the members of the emergency teams cannot communicate with each other, it can only lead to greater disaster. FORTS has you covered. Our Mobile Communication Centers (SATCOMS) are efficient, powerful and fast. FORTS SATCOMS are reliable for every disaster and will be there, set up as soon as trouble has struck.

FORTS portable shelters are elite when it comes to disaster, crisis or emergency. Economic in both size and price, they differ from competitors by changing the way we think about shelter. In record speed and record comfort, you too could be in the safe comfort of FORTS portable shelters.

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